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What to wear

 Clothing is a VERY important detail to consider when you are going to be photographed.

Everyone: Avoid wearing clothing with logos, characters, or writing on them. Limit your use of bold busy patterns, especially for photos of more than one person. If more than one person is going to be in the photo, coordinate your outfits so that everyone is wearing the same color palette. Wear clothing that enhances your figure. Choose colors that look particularly good on you (for instance, if green brings out your green eyes). I discourage wearing white as it is more difficult to photograph. Keep your wristwatches at home. Remember that some of these photos will likely be displayed around your home and on your walls. Perhaps you may want to plan your outfits so that they will look good with the decor of your living room... I don't know... that is up to you!


Babies: The best photos of babies, in my opinion, are the ones of them in their birthday suits. At my studio I have MANY props, wraps, head bands, tutus etc. I do recommend bringing a plain diaper cover for diaper pictures. Feel free to also bring any special outfits/gowns/bonnets that are sentimental to you. For parents (hey, did you think you were going to get away with not being in any of these... :) I recommend bringing a long-sleeved black shirt for some shots. On a side note, newborn shoots should be done within the first 12 days of life when babies are still very small and sleepy.


Children: Bright colors are always fun! Cute accessories (like hats, scarves, tutus, funky shoes, etc) can add a touch of whimsy. The sky is the limit here. When shooting just one child, it is less important to worry about avoiding busy patterns. However, when shooting two or more children, incorporating busy patterns can be a bit tricky. For instance, for a photo of siblings together I recommend keeping it simple. Do NOT dress them exactly the same (as if they are wearing uniforms) but rather the same color palette. If one child has a patterned outfit with different colors, have the other child wear solids to match. Feel free to bring any props that are important to your little ones (a baby's favorite bear, special blanket etc.)


Seniors: Bring several outfits and don't forget to accessorize (hats, belts, jewelry, scarves, etc)! Choose clothing that reflects YOUR personality (casual, trendy, upscale, edgy, hippie, whatever!) Feel free to bring formal clothing (ex. prom dress) for your shoot as well. Pay close attention to the details. Ladies, since we will likely shoot on location, bring comfortable shoes to walk from place to place in and save your special 3-inch heals to wear just for the shots!